Communication Director Magazine: My view on communication skills

For issue 02/2015 I was asked by the Communication Director Magazine which skills are necessary for a communications leader today. Read below what I wrote.

Communication Director 2 2015

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“What are the skills you need to be a communications leader today?”

When it comes to communication, three skills are essential for me: Be personal! Especially in my field of work – hospitality and tourism – the personal touch makes the difference. For business partners, colleagues and especially for our guests here in the house, who all value the direct and personal touch in corporate communications.
Moreover: Be as open-minded as possible. Not only dialogues with team members or employees from different departments, but even (better: especially) opposing views help to develop new strategies and valuable communication measures, mainly in the field of intercultural communications, where an open mind and empathy are so essential.
And finally: Never stop measuring all communication efforts to keep an eye on your goals. Successful communication is target-oriented and high-quality communication for customers you hopefully know very well.

Benjamin Zwack
Hotel Elephant Brixen